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See What Our Customers are Saying:

  • 11/4/15:  J. Shoemaker / Blue Springs, MO-

    Tim and Jeff did an excellent job on my installation.  They worked their tails off when they were here.  They are very pleasant young men!

  • 10/29/15:  P. Morris / Raytown, MO -

    I really like Tim and wanted to give him a pat on the back.  Tim has worked on my furnace for years and I really like his work!

  • 10/14/15:  J. Brewer / Greenwood, MO -

    Tim and Jeff did a great job on my installation!  It looks perfect!  They were friendly as could be.....such nice young men!

  • 10/5/15:  Mrs.J. Arnold / Independence, MO -

    Mike did an absolutely wonderful job on our maintenance.  He was on time and called ahead.and returned with the part needed much earlier than what was expected!

  • 8/31/15:  A. Springhower / Raytown, MO -

    I want to express my gratitude for not only the excellent service on my furnace during my Fall Maintenance visit, but also for the extra time Mike spent with me while there was a police disturbance outside my home.  The police had chased a suspect into my yard so there was a lot of police activity.  Mike quickly noticed I was terrified and stayed with me until my son-in-law could get there so I wouldn't be by myself.  My husband and I have used Boan for many years and I wanted you to know what a wonderful job Mike did and how grateful I was for him staying and keeping me calm.

  • 7/28/15:  P. Kindle / Blue Springs, MO-

    In my 72 years, I have never met such a courteous service man as Mike.  He is very professional.  I have never used Boan before but will use them from now on and will request Mike!

  • 6/2/15:  The Rogers Family / Kansas City, MO-

    Thank you for your service. We appreciate the honesty your company has provided us. We had experience with other companies that were not pleasant due to lack of honesty, and it is very nice to have a company like yours to rely on when we are in need of heat.  We appreciate your service so much that we are referring your business to other people

  • 4/17/15: C. Gall / Overland Park, KS -

    Jeff took care of us like he always does. He is so prefessional. He always explains what he is doing. We have no issues with our Boan installed system that we have had for 8 years!

  • 4/13/15: J. Thomas / Blue Springs, MO -

    I want to give Johnny a Kuddos- He was really nice, especially for how young he is!

  • 4/13/15: P. Sego / Independence, MO -

    Tim & Jeff did an outstanding job on my installation. The job they did was really great. They even got the humidifier working.

  • 4/9/15: M. Perrin / Blue Springs, MO -

    Tim and Jeff did a fantastic job. They were such nice young men. It only took them 5 hours, just like Mike told me it would. I want to thank Boan for all of our service over the years.

  • 4/1/15: L. Schmitt / Blue Springs, MO -

    Jeff was a very nice you man. He was very impressive. He showed up on time and called when he was in route. We were extremely pleased with the service he provided.

  • 3/1/15:

    Many of our customers have stated that the shop has never looked this clean when they’ve come in to get their filters and that every time they come into BOAN it looks better and better! We would like to thank our cleaning lady, Heather, for such a great job!

  • 2/11/15: D. Dietz / Blue Springs -

    Tim and Jeff did a magnificent job. They cleaned up well and knew exactly what they were doing. The house feels warmer and all the cold spots are gone.

  • 1/8/15: I. Sessa / Raytown, MO -

    I am so pleased with the service Mike gave! I will keep referring Boan to everyone!

  • 1/5/15: J.Talman / Raytown, MO -

    Mike was just a really nice guy. As a bonus, I loved that Mike likes dogs.

  • 12/6/14: D. Clark / Kansas City, MO -

    I can’t sing the praises of Geof enough. He was so nice! He was there within 15 min. after I called and fixed the problem. I have your business cards and will be passing them out to everyone I know!

  • 12/3/14: L. Heller / Lee’s Summit, MO -

    Out of all the companies I have used, Boan has the nicest Office Staff! I have had a pleasant experience every time I have talked to one of them, no matter who I’ve talked to.

  • 11/24/14: K. White / Raytown, MO -

    A thank you to all at Boan and to Johnny. My furnace was very dirty and it was sparkling when he left.

  • 11/1/14: N. Gray / Raytown, MO -

    Tim was absolutely fantastic. He did such an amazing job when he was out over the weekend, that he should get a gold star for the whole month!

  • 10/29/14: N. Probst / Kansas City, MO -

    Johnny was very pleasant. He was very nice and very proficient.

  • 10/28/14: L. Tompkins / Kansas City, MO -

    Tim did an excellent job! He was wonderful and I want him to be the man who comes out and does all my maintenances!

  • 10/13/14: G. Chrisman / Blue Springs, MO -

    Tim was very polite. He answered all my questions and he also smelled awfully good! When it comes time to replace my units, I will be calling BOAN!

  • 9/15/14: J. Thomas / Blue Springs, MO -

    I wanted to let you know how friendly and polite Jeff was. I was impressed with how efficient he was and wanted to let you know that he is a great representative of Boan Heating & Cooling.

  • 8/13/14: K. Eilers / Raytown, MO -

    Mr. Eilers sent an email stating that his new system looks really nice. He was very happy with the installation provided by Tim & Jeff. He said he would definitely be using Boan for any service on the system in the future.

  • 7/16/14: K. Hinkle / Lee's Summit, MO -

    Mike did a really nice job in a difficult situation. I want to make sure that everyone in the office knows what a great job Mike did.

  • 7/7/14: D. Bailey / Lee’s Summit, MO -

    Jeff was very professional and very nice. I will never go with another company because of the service Jeff gave. Too many people treat my mother poorly, but I was really pleased with Jeff.

  • 6/24/14: S. McAully / Raytown, MO -

    I want to let you know that Geof is an excellent technician. Geof was very friendly, courteous and an excellent representation of Boan. We are very grateful for his help and his professionalism.

  • 6/24/14: J. Wooten / Kansas City, MO -

    Freddie did a great job during his sales presentation. I appreciated how well he explained everything to me.

  • 6/23/14: A. Hicks / Kansas City, MO -

    I am so happy with BOAN. The technician, Geof was clean and courteous. BOAN always goes way above and beyond. Boan is the BEST that you can hope for.

  • 5/27/14: B. Reese / Pleasant Hill, MO -

    Geof was extremely friendly and professional. It’s employees like Geof that are the reason we continue to use Boan Heating & Cooling.

  • 5/8/14: L. Schmitt / Blue Springs, MO -

    We have been very happy with all the guys that have come to our home. Jeff, Geof, Mike and Tim have all been nice and polite and perform great work!

  • 4/30/14: R. Wing / Kansas City, MO -

    Tim worked very quickly. I was very impressed! He definitely knows what he’s doing. I liked that Tim let me look over his Shoulder while he worked. I was also really impressed with Geof with his sales presentation. I will continue to do business with Boan because of both of them!

  • 4/8/14: J. Harbison / Lee’s Summit, MO -

    Freddie was a nice salesman. He was very helpful and did a good job explaining things.

  • 3/21/14: J. Shoemaker / Blue Springs, MO -

    Tim did a very thorough job on my maintenance! I think Tim is the best tech we’ve had out here since we first started dealing with Boan!

  • 3/13/14: J. Olson / Raytown, MO -

    Mike and Tim were 100% real people. I couldn’t have asked for nicer people to come to my home. I am very pleased with the installation. Now my home is nice and warm.

  • 3/7/14: R. Etem / Lee's Summit, MO -

    On October 24, 2013, Boan installed a Carrier Comfort 80 Gas Furnace at my residence. For the record, the initial service call, purchase agreement and installation was excellent, second to none! Geof provided an excellent service call and was outstanding with explanation and recommendation of systems and accessories. The installers, Tim and Jeff, installed the new gas furnace without any issues. They worked efficiently and professionally. They were able to effectively explain operation and maintenance as well as left the work area in a clean undisturbed condition.

  • 1/27/14: H. Hale / Raytown, MO -

    Geof is a super guy. He was just a great person and I wish that all service guys were like him!

  • 1/23/14: K. Ficklin / Raytown, MO -

    Mike is an all around great guy. He is very polite and got my problems taken care of quick.

  • 1/22/14: R. Wing / Kansas City, MO -

    Mike was a very nice guy and very polite. He is the best technician we have had in our home.

  • 1/7/14: P. Watson / Kansas City, MO -

    I just wanted to say that Geof was so polite, professional and very helpful on the phone when he was on-call.

  • 1/9/14: B. Wolfe / Kansas City, MO -

    What a fine job Tim & Jeff did on my install! They both were very professional and very hard workers.

  • 11/19/2013: W. Manes / Blue Springs, MO -

    My furnace is running better now than it ever has! Your technician, Geof, is a very nice person!

  • 11/13/13: M. Coleman from Proctor Engineering (KCPL Cool Homes Program)-

    I spoke with a customer, E. Surface and he could not say enough good things about Tim & Jeff’s work on his installation.

  • 11/7/13: P. AuBuchon / Raytown, MO -

    I wanted to call in and give Tim an Atta Boy! He was very thorough and I enjoyed having him out here!

  • 10/30/13: D. Kresse / Raytown, MO -

    Tim & Jeff were very outstanding and friendly. The install they did was great! They were also helpful in moving some things for me.

  • 10/30/13: B. Klemme / Raytown, MO -

    I absolutely loved Geof. He is a Louisiana boy! He was very nice, personable, and polite. I want to have him back next year for my maintenances.

  • 10/29/13: S. Bumgardner / Raytown, MO -

    Geof is an excellent employee. I have been very impressed with his knowledge and work ethic. He shared with me that he really enjoyed working for Boan and spoke highly of the company. I am proud to be a customer of Boan Heating & Cooling!

  • 9/20/13: J. Becker with Spring Valley Baptist Church / Raytown, MO -

    Geof was very nice when he came out to give us a bid.

  • 9/19/13: O. Davis / Kansas City, MO -

    Mike did a great job on fixing my Air Conditioner. He was very nice and polite. I will be calling Boan more often because you all have always taken care of me so fast.

  • 9/13/13: S. Collins / Kansas City, MO -

    Geof went way above and beyond when doing the maintenance. You can tell he takes great pride in his work. He took the time to polish the units. It was the best maintenance I've had in the 5 years.

  • 9/9/13: B. Campbell / Kansas City, MO -

    Mike did a fabulous job. He was very nice, explained everything to us and provided excellent customer service! We think Boan is a Top Notch Company.

  • 9/8/13: M. Busher / Kansas City, MO -

    Geof did a great job! He was very helpful and a real nice guy.

  • 9/4/13: F. McClaine / Kansas City, MO -

    Mike was more than accommodating. He was very thorough and went above and beyond his job.

  • 8/22/13: E. Casey / Lee’s Summit -

    Tim was very polite and seems to know his job very well.

  • 8/12/13: S. Crawford / Belton, MO -

    Geof was very professional and courteous.

  • 7/30/13: P. Shettleroe / Lee's Summit, MO -

    Geof was wonderful. He found the problem with our humidifier and fixed it while doing the maintenance on the Air Conditioner. He was awesome with my children. All in all, Geof is a super nice guy.

  • 6/11/13: L. Gile / Raytown, MO -

    Tim was delightful, very efficient and a very clean young man!

  • 6/4/13: S. Bumgardner / Raytown, MO -

    Geof did an excellent job at my home. Boan has got themselves a winner with Geof!

  • 5/29/13: B. Stokes / Lee’s Summit, MO -

    Tim and Jeff did such a fantastic job on the installation. They were efficient and answered all my questions.

  • 5/15/13: D. Pearce / Oak Grove, MO -

    Jeff was very polite and very professional. It’s not often that young people act the way he does!

  • 5/7/13: R. Egleston / Lee’s Summit, MO -

    Mike was a very nice man! Boan has a great guy working for you. We really enjoyed having him out to our home!

  • 1/24/13: R. & J. Youngs / Raytown, MO -

    Tim is a wonderful young man. He went right to the problem and he mopped up the basement when done!

  • 1/23/13: D. Lickteig / Raytown, MO -

    I want to say thank you to Mike for answering my call at 6AM and fixing my ignitor.

  • 5/7/12: E. Brockmeier / Kansas City, MO -

    Freddie and Tim came out and did an awesome job. They got us up and running. That’s what I call good service!

  • 12/28/11: T. Lampton / Blue Springs, MO -

    Tim did a Marvelous Job on my furnace maintenance!

  • 12/9/11: M. Tacke / Raytown, MO -

    Freddie did a great job on his maintenance!

  • 12/1/11: D. Pearce / Oak Grove, MO -

    Tim was very professional. He did a great job and was very knowledgeable! You can send him to my home anytime!

  • 11/25/11: F. Roseberry / Raytown, MO -

    Tim was very efficient and did a great job cleaning my furnace.

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